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Black Diamond - Pressurized Cartridge Filter Replacement Parts

Filter Chart for Blue Torrent Black Diamond Cartridge Filter

1AC 26913PBleeder Valve
2AC 26875BLKLid with O-Ring
4CAC 16543Black Diamond Element 90
4DAC 16888Black Diamond Element 120
4EAC 16985 Black Diamond Element 150
5AC 61123 Filter Head Latch
6CBS PRC90DB Black Diamond Body 90
6DBS PRC120DB Black Diamond Body 120
6EBS PRC150DB Black Diamond Body 150
78932 Threaded Plug
Black Diamond Exclusives
AC 04723 Pump To Filter Articulated Hose
AC 70262 O-Ring Kit For Union
AC 26859 Slide Valve 1.5 Inch