The reason for the absence of a chlorine reading is that your chlorine is tied up. It is combining with amine groups causing your chlorine to be inactive. What you need to do is shock or super-chlorinate your pool. Shocking your pool will cause the chlorine to free up. This may also indicate you have a phosphate problem.

This is really dependent on how many gallons of water your pool holds and the size of your pump. On average, you want to run the filter 6 to 8 hours a day to maintain proper filtration. If your filter has a 2-speed pump, then run your pump 24 hours a day on the slow speed. Continuously running the filter will actually save you money by reducing the amount of electricity used, as well as providing outstanding circulation.

Blonde hair turns green because of copper algaecide. Since the main ingredient is copper, too much of this product can stain your hair. Follow the directions on the back of the bottle for proper dosages. Try to use other algaecides that do not contain copper elements (unless necessary). If there are high levels of copper, Proteam's Metal Magic can remove copper.

Hair Remedy: To clear up green hair hassles, pour lemon juice on your hair and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Follow with a normal shampooing. Repeat if necessary. You can also find shampoo products targeted for green hair.

Every product will have a different time frame. For any chlorine based products, you want to wait until the chlorine residual is below 3 ppm. For any pH products, wait at least one hour before swimming unless product indicates otherwise. Always check the precautions on each product label for further instructions and warnings.

Yes! There is no harm in leaving your solar cover on when your filter is operating.

Always face the bubbles down into the water when putting your solar cover on. Those bubbles heat up from the sun and transfer the heat into your pool water. The process is similar to how your car heats up when sitting in the sun. The heat is allowed through but cannot escape.

Water cloudiness is usually due to high pH. Test your water. If the pH is high, use pH down to lower it. If your pH is high, your total alkalinity is most likely high also. Make sure that you follow the correct steps on balancing your water. Proteam Poly Magic Microfloc will also speed the process. The other common cause is inactive or low free chlorine. Maintain your chlorine between 1–3 ppm.

First check pH and take alkalinity levels, then adjust where needed. Next, brush the walls and bottom of your pool to get all of the algae suspended in your water. Shock your pool with the recommended dosage. Run your filter for at least 24 hours. Check baskets regularly and backwash when needed until pool clears up. As you chlorinate, the algae will drop to the bottom of your pool. Vacuum this waste to avoid clogging your filter. Follow up with a routine dose of chlorine.