CR Plastics Outdoor Furniture

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November 23, 2020 at 2:50:01 AM PST November 23, 2020 at 2:50:01 AM PSTrd, November 23, 2020 at 2:50:01 AM PST

Here at At Home Recreation we strive for quality and excellence in our products. One of the outdoor furniture line’s we are most proud to carry is CRP Plastics.

CRP Plastics is an outdoor furniture manufacturer that opened their doors and our lives to this quality product in 1994. The company started as a small family business that expanded to a worldwide market within a few short decades of their operation. Their company mission statement is: “To create beautiful & functional designs from recycled plastic has steadily increased in scope.” And this company has been doing that exact thing since they started business.

CRP Plastics, since opening, has always been committed to giving the consumer the proper quality they deserve. When you hear “plastic furniture” it is very easy to assume this is your standard staking plastic chair or the standard plastic folding lounge chair. What this company has to offer is like no other. CRP uses completely 100% recycled materials that are sustainable methods of conserving finite resources.

Everything this company has to offer is built from their own “plastic lumber”. This gives you even more strength and quality compared to a wooden furniture set. This product is split proof, fade proof and completely environmentally friendly.

CRP is so confident in their products the offer a lifetime warranty almost of all their products. There are not many companies in any industry that would offer a lifetime warranty on a product that is meant to be stored outside in the elements year round!

CRP is constantly updating their product lines in order to stay ahead of the times. Every few years they bring us a new and wonderful product to offer our consumers. For 2020 the company will still continue their Generation line. This line has always proven successful in satisfying the needs of the consumer. This line will have a wide assortment of Adirondack chairs, high dining options, bar height options, normal dining options picnic tables and even matching accessories to go with it.

For a slightly different look the company offers a Harvest line, which is more of a barn type of look to it. There is also the St Tropez collection. This line of furniture has more of a unique look it to. It is outdoor furniture with more of a modern twist to it.

The company also offers deep seating collections. Both the Stratford and Bay Breeze line have been around for a few years now and have proven its success. With both of these lines you are able to pick the color of the frame and the color cushion that would best match your outdoor seating area. This allows you to be your own designer when it comes to your backyard living space.

All the cushions offered by CRP Plastics are Sunbrella cushions. Sunbrella is a self-wicking, marine grade cushion that is resistant to sun, salt, rain, mildew and mold.

What is new for 2020 is the Torino Deep Seating collection. This new collection is offered in a customizable sectional or in pieces as a deep seating set. This set, like the other deep seating collections, are fully customizable. You are able to pick the color of the frame and the color of the cushion.

With everything CRP Plastic has to offer it would be hard not to find your perfect outdoor furniture. You can mix and match the different collections and still have them match with the same color frame. Also, you know that buying a CRP Plastic item is an environmentally responsible decision and a quality product that will last you a life time.