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At Home Recreation exclusive full line of Rmondo’s electric pedal assisted bicycles are available online and in all our stores. The management and staff has all had 35 years' plus experience selling and servicing bicycles. Rmondo crafted these bicycles with both novice and intermediate riders in mind. They come with hand selected components that pair quality and craftsmanship with an affordable price tag that helps lower the bar of entry into the electric bicycle arena.

At Home Recreation and Rmondo are concerned with two deeply interrelated things: the environment and people’s health. And in order to get more people riding bikes and driving less Rmondo’s bicycles are built to take away some of the barriers to riding. The pedal-assist bicycle helps bring the joy of riding a bike and the building of stamina and health at your own pace.

Rmondo electric bicycles with pedal-assist make riding easier and more enjoyable; whether that’s commuting to work every day; arrive without breaking a sweat, running errands; load your bike up with cargo, you won’t even notice it, or just enjoying a few more pleasant rides in the park; you can even keep up with your more experience friends. Rmondo’s electric bicycles will help create a more sustainable world and a healthier you.

At Home Recreation services in house every pedal-assist bicycle sold and stand behind the quality and design. Enjoy hours of fitness and memories of the fun of riding without the fatigue and stress of riding again. Yes you can relive the old days of the freedom of riding a bike.

Health Benefits

People who have trouble exercising for extended periods of time will find that electric pedal-assist bicycles can provide an excellent source of aerobic exercise as the bicycle can shoulder some of the burden allowing the rider to take short breaks from pedaling or lightening the effort by multiplying the power generated from each rotation of the gears. It can also provide the assurance that the rider will be able to complete the chosen route without becoming too fatigued.

This means that people of lower fitness levels or those who haven't cycled in many years can start enjoying the health benefits that riding bestows. A study from 2016 showed that people who ride just three times a week are healthier, more fit, have significantly greater aerobic fitness, better blood sugar control, and trend toward having less body fat.

But physical health is but only one component of the benefits of riding. Exercise changes the structure and function of the brain helping adult neurogenesis, which is the formation of new brain cells in adults. Aerobic exercise has been found to double or even triple the number of new neurons as compared to sedentary subjects.

And another study, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the largest long-term study of its kind, looked at the link between exercise and mental health. The results suggested that as little as one hour of exercise each week helped lift peoples moods and help shield them against depression. And lots of other research has found an incredibly powerful connection between mental and physical fitness across varying levels of intensity. Which means that even a little bit of exercise can have dramatic effects on both your physical and mental health.

Acceleration Options

Pedal Only

Just like a regular bike the power is derived from the rider pedaling. There is no increased resistance created by the motor.


The motor is only activated when the pedals are in motion. This both provides a workout as well as extends the range of the battery, while still providing more power for each rotation of the pedals.

Electric Only

Simply twist the throttle and the bike accelerates. This is easiest way to travel but the biggest drain on the battery.


Can I charge the battery while pedaling?

A few models of electric bikes include a feature to recharge the battery, usually while you are braking. In those cases the range of the battery can be extended 5-10%, while adding several hundred dollars to the cost. However, due to the design of the motors to get regeneration, you'll often find that the bike is harder to pedal if you are using the bike with the power off. Plus to add resistance to generate extra energy, you also have to add weight to the bike for the regenerative components. The gains are minimal and not worth the extra cost / weight / resistance.

How important is wattage?

With a properly designed e-bike and e-bike motor, you'll find that you get far more power than you need with 500 watts or less. There are many 250 watt motors that deliver as much torque as motors that are 500 watts or higher. The design of the motor and the gearing of the bike are far more important than the wattage of the motor.

How fast can they go?

Most electric bikes in the U.S. will provide you with assist up to 20 mph.

Can I lock the battery?

Yes, the battery is locked to the bike and a key must be used to remove it.

What’s the difference between front hub, rear hub, and mid-drive motors?

Front Hub:

Located on the front wheel. A front hub motor provides propulsion by rotating the tire. This type of motor creates the sensation of being pulled forward.

Rear Hub:

Rear Hub motors are located on the back wheel and provide propulsion by rotating the tire. This type of motor gives the feeling of being pushed forward, which can feel more intuitive than a front hub motor for many riders.


Mid-dive motors send power directly to the drivetrain instead of pushing or pulling a wheel. This creates a more natural feel.

The most common motor for electric bike is a hub motor. It's typically integrated into the rear or front wheel. When activated, it pushes or pulls the bike forward. This works well, but it has a major disadvantage. As it's not connected to the bike’s gears so it loses efficiency on varied terrain. It will get you places, but it won’t give you the optimum amount of torque or speed that you get with a full range of gears. Of course, simply pedaling and helping the motor out can mitigate this.

Mid-Drive motors on the other hand are integrated with the crank and gears and therefore provide increased performance while expending less battery energy. It also provides increased handling as the motor is closer to the ground and the weight is centered.

What kind of warranty does Rmondo offer?

Rmondo offers a one year limited warranty. You probably will never need to worry about this but it's nice to know it's there.

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