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Large Floating Chemical Dispenser

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We are introducing our 3" Tablet Floating Chlorine Dispenser – an effortless way to clear your pool!

Effortless Chlorine Distribution: Drop in your 3" chlorine tablets and let the dispenser do the rest.

Floats and Disperses: Designed to bob around your pool, ensuring even chlorine distribution for consistent sanitation without the hassle.

Time-Saving Convenience: Spend more time enjoying your pool and less worrying about chlorine levels. This dispenser takes care of the essentials for you.

Durable Design: Built to last, our floating dispenser is crafted from high-quality materials to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting pool maintenance.

Make pool care a breeze with the 3" Tablet Floating Chlorine Dispenser. Order now for a sparkling, clean pool all season long!

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